10 Telltale Signs You Didn’t Get the Job

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10 Telltale Signs You Didn’t Get the Job

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Warning Signs You Didn’t Get the Job: What Are They?

During or after a meeting with a prospective employer, you may notice signs that you didn’t get the job. Even if you did a great job answering questions, or presented a stellar resume, consider the below list of signs that you didn’t get the job interview.

10 warning Signs You Didn’t Get the Job Interview

These points can assist in improving your success for future job interviews.

1. Your Interview Ended Early

If your two-hour interview ended within an hour, it could be a sign that you didn’t get the job interview. An interview that ends abruptly or earlier than scheduled could indicate that the interviewer has determined that you are not suitable for the position. There would then be no reason to continue the interview.

2. Less Staff Members Attended the Interview

If you were supposed to meet with several staff members during the interview but ended up only seeing one or two, this could be a sign that you didn’t get the job interview. There is no need for people to sit in on the interview if it has already been determined that you are not the most suitable candidate. The company may also have decided on another candidate before your interview took place.

3. You Did Not Prepare for the Interview

If you were not well-prepared, answered poorly, or arrived late for the interview, consider that it did not go well. This shows that you are not dependable and do not take the job seriously.

Investing time to prepare for the job interview, research the company and the position shows your genuine interest. Be aware of your own career goals, answer all the questions with confidence, and ask the interviewer questions about the company and the role.

4. Your Interviewer was Distracted

If the interviewer was distracted and did not display a warm attitude towards you, it is a sign that you didn’t get the job interview. Signs of disinterest include checking emails, taking calls, poor eye contact, and few probing questions to engage in conversation.

5. You Were Told That You are Overqualified

Being told that you are overqualified for a position is a way of informing you that you are not the chosen candidate. Express your sincere interest in the company and ask if there are other roles for which you would be considered a more suitable match.

6. “We’re Still Looking at Other Candidates”

If a company likes you and wants to hire you, they will end the applicant search. A hiring manager will state his or her intention to process your application further to complete the hiring process. 

10 Tell-tale Signs You Didn't Get the Job Interview

If you have been told that the company is looking at more candidates, it may indicate that you were not a good fit. If the company is interviewing more candidates, ask the employer when they expect to make a final decision and when you will hear back from them.

7. The Interviewer Gave You Career Advice

If your interviewer starts to coach you on how to go about your current job search, consider it as a sign that you didn’t get the job interview. If the interviewer is impressed by the way you responded during the interview, they won’t need to provide advice on how to handle the next one.

8. Your References Did Not Follow Up

Never underestimate the impact a good reference can have when applying for a job. Having past employer praise your work will boost your prospective employer’s confidence in hiring you as part of their team.

9. The Interviewer Did Not Elaborate About the Role

If the interviewer did not take time to brief you on the responsibilities of the role you are interviewing for it may be a sign that you didn’t get the job interview. It would be a waste of time explaining job functions if they have already decided that you are not a suitable candidate.

10. Follow-up Procedures are Vague

If there are no clear steps indicated to further the hiring process you can consider it as a sign that you didn’t get the job interview. If you asked about hiring procedures and a starting date but did not get a direct answer, the interviewer may not be convinced of your employment. If a position is urgent, the interviewer will be specific about when they want you to start and the steps to follow.

If you see the job ad reposted after your interview has taken place it is a sign that you didn’t get the job interview. Don’t lose heart. Keep trying other avenues.

What to Do When You Did Not Get the Job Interview

Often you will not get the first job you interview for. Here are some signs on what to do when you didn’t get the job interview:

Tell-tale Signs You Didn't Get the Job Interview
Signs You Didn’t Get the Job Interview
  1. Take time out

If you’ve gone through a lengthy interview process for your dream job, hearing that you didn’t make the final cut can be disappointing. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Do something you enjoy, listen to good music, and be kind to yourself. It’s natural to feel disappointed.

  1. Focus on the positives

Now it’s time to move on and be proactive. Giving up is not an option. Focus on your strengths and look at the positive aspects of your past interviews. Your resume, your experience, and the way you answered important interview questions.

  1. Learn from the negatives

Consider the areas you can improve on and learn from this for your next interview. Ask the company you interviewed with for feedback on why you were not offered the position. Ask the interviewer how you can improve your chances in the future. Fix items on your resume, practice answering questions, and articulating your career goals.

  1. Try again

Taking the above feedback, combine the positive aspects with improvements you have made from mistakes, and try again.

Quick Summary: Signs You Didn’t Get the Job Interview

Whether you thought your interview went well or not, consider these 10 factors as a sign that you didn’t get the job interview:

1. Your interview ended early

2. Fewer staff members attended the interview than planned

3. You did not prepare or arrived late

4. Your interviewer was lukewarm and distracted

5. You were told that you are overqualified

6. You were told that they are still looking at other candidates

7. The interviewer gave you career advice

8. Your job references did not follow up

9. The interviewer did not elaborate on the role

10. Follow-up procedures are vague

Stay positive and keep trying. With each job application try to improve how you sell yourself and be confident.

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