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Group 342 1

“Really impressed with both the content coverage and the quality of the advice in this course. If you’re running a customer service team or your job involves interfacing with customers, she presents a great set of tools for you to use. Highly recommended.” – Evan K

Group 342 1

“I believe this course is very important. This is not only for people in the customer care industry but also people interested in growing their careers. I am really getting a lot of knowledge that I am going to apply in my current role at work.”- Irene A.

Group 342 1

“I really enjoyed the course and there was a great deal of information that aligned with my experiences in customer support over the past 30 years.” – Michael P.

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Looking to boost your confidence, sharpen your customer service skills, and advance your career? Our certification courses offer industry knowledge and the tools you need to succeed.


CustomersFirst Academy Training is for any organization that wants to upskill their team to provide exceptional service using the most comprehensive training that engages the team and gets real-world results.


Upskill Your Team To Provide Exceptional Service

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Practical tools and techniques that will boost your team’s confidence, improve communication skills, and empower them to deliver exceptional service to drive business growth.

CustomersFirst De-Escalation Training

3-Hour Online Course | Lifetime Access 

Equip your team with best industry practices for defusing tense situations, communicating effortlessly, and transforming difficult situations into positive customer service experiences!

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