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Evan K.

Group 342 1

Really impressed with both the content coverage and the quality of the advice in this course. Viktoriya really knows what she’s talking about in customer service. If you’re running a customer service team or your job involves interfacing with customers, she presents a great set of tools for you to use. Highly recommended. I took a lot of notes during this course and I plan on re-watching it later down the line.

Gabriel F.

Group 342 1

I thought the instructor was engaging and the material was very well organized. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who deals with customers on a regular basis.

Julia R.

Group 342 1

This course was exactly what I needed to deal with difficult customers. It was packed with useful information and I loved the way it was presented. Thank you, Viktoriya!


CustomersFirst Academy Masterclass is for anyone who wants to upskill their team to provide exceptional service using the most comprehensive training that engages employees and gets real-world results.

Let's Be Honest. When Customers Get Upset, Things Escalate Quickly...

Improving Your Service Has Dramatic Results on Your Business

CustomersFirst Masterclass Curriculum:

The most comprehensive, practical training you need to effortlessly transform your team into customer service heros!

Customer Service Essentials Course Curriculum 1
  • Welcome to the Course!
  • Exclusive Access to Our Templates Library of Cheatsheets, Guides, and Scripts
  • Download Your Course Workbook for Practical, Hands-on Learning

  • Download Lecture Notes
  • The hidden power of customer service and how it can dramatically improve your company’s success
  • The silent cost of poor service and how to bulletproof your reputation
  • Igniting the passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences
  • Must-know secrets to transforming customers into loyal brand advocates
  • Proven strategies top companies use to consistently outshine their competition
  • How to cultivate an unshakable winning mindset that guarantees on-the-job success
  • How to become the indispensable customer service expert your org can’t function without
  • How to position yourself as the go-to trusted advisor your customers love
  • Psychological triggers that compel customers to become passionates brand advocates
  • Counterintuitive reasons why customers would be willing to pay more for your service
  • How to craft unforgettable experiences that spark viral word-of-mouth
  • Battle-tested strategies that top industry leaders use to blow competition away
  • Real-world case studies revealing practical, proven lessons worth emulating
  • Discover what customers really want from you
  • Psychological tactics to make every customer feel like a VIP
  • How to make lasting impressions that keep customer coming back
  • How to read between the lines and picking up on subtle cues
  • Expert tactics for building long-term trust and loyalty
  • Language tricks the pros use to build instant rapport
  • Proven techniques to create instant rapport and trust
  • How to decode the meaning behind customer words
  • How to steer dialogues towards productive outcomes
  • Communication tips to prevent confusion and misunderstandings
  • How to project confidence through your body language
  • Eliminating habits that could be sabotaging your success
  • Active listening techniques for forming stronger relationships
  • How to ask effective questions to uncover deeper insights
  • Proven techniques to make people feel genuinely cared for
  • Essential skills to defuse even the toughest customer situations
  • How to overcome communication barriers and bridge cultural gaps
  • How to set realistic expectations without disappointing customers
  • How to educate customers to avoid awkward misunderstandings
  • How to manage unreasonable expectations without losing business
  • The key to exceeding even your most challenging customers’ needs
  • How to turn complaints into opportunities for growth

What Our Learners Have to Say

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What's Included in the CustomersFirst Masterclass?

flexible learning 1

Flexible Learning for Busy Teams: Our training includes short, engaging video lessons (under 5 minutes each) that are both easy to digest and keep learners engaged. Perfect for making an immediate impact without interrupting your operations.


practical exercises

Practical Exercises for Real-World Results: Hands-on reflection exercises promote deeper understanding and skill development, enabling learners to apply concepts directly to their work.



Interactive Quizzes to Increase Retention: Targeted assessments allow learners to reinforce key concepts, gauge their progress, and receive instant feedback to reinforce their skills.



Members-Only Resource Library: Essential cheat sheets, guides, and scripts, designed to support your team’s training and help them excel in customer service.



Certificates of Achievement: Celebrate your team’s accomplishments with digital certificates of achievement, boosting morale and fostering a culture of success.

About CustomersFirst Academy


Hey there! I’m Viktoriya, the CEO of CustomersFirst Academy.

For over 15 years, I’ve been immersed in the world of customer service – from leading award-winning service teams to helping scrappy startups grow into million-dollar organizations.

Too often, I find that employees simply don’t have the effective frameworks and confidence needed to handle any customer interaction that comes their way. As a result, managers end up spending more time dealing with escalations and micromanaging, instead of being able to trust their team to handle things.

That’s how CustomersFirst Academy was born. Our practical, online customer service training courses are designed by industry experts with real-world experience running successful service teams. We’ve already used our proven blueprint to help to onboard and upskill over 53,000 professionals worldwide.

Our goal is to give your employees the tools and confidence they need to excel at any customer interaction. By closing that skills gap, we can not only make your team stronger, but also ensure your customers receive the best service possible!

Who This Course is for:

Who This Course is NOT for:

Delivering high-quality, up-to-date content is our top priority. Our training is developed with industry experts to address the evolving needs of customer service. The content is regularly reviewed and revised to reflect the latest best practices and trends. We also have rigorous quality assurance, including peer reviews, testing, and learner feedback to ensure the training meets the mark. You can trust your team is getting practical, relevant knowledge they can apply.

Online training is a smart choice for several reasons. While there’s an initial cost, you’ll save money in the long run by avoiding travel, venue, and instructor fees. Plus, it’s flexible and won’t disrupt your team’s workflow. This means better productivity and a stronger return on investment. And with online training, you’ll get lifetime access to resources for ongoing learning and skill enhancement. When you consider the benefits for employee development, customer experience, and your bottom line, the upfront cost is definitely worth it. 

Great question! Keeping track of learner progress is really important. That’s why we offer real-time progress reports. These reports let you see how each employee is doing, step in if someone needs help, and make sure everyone is reaching their goals. With these data-driven insights, you can be sure that your online training is making a real difference for your organization.

Our training is designed to keep your team engaged and excited to learn. We use bite-sized “micro-learning” lectures balanced with multimedia, real examples, and real-life scenarios to make the material relatable. The key is the hands-on practice – employees put skills to the test through quizzes, reflection exercises, and activities. We track progress to identify gaps and award certificates to showcase achievements. This comprehensive, learner-centric approach ensures your employees stay motivated to develop their customer service superpowers.

Signing up for our training is simple! You have two options: you can sign up online for instant access, or you can contact us to enroll your whole team, which can be done within 24 hours. All learners need is an internet connection to start learning. They’ll receive a welcome email with login instructions and can access the learning materials right away!

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The CustomersFirst Guarantee

If in the first 14 days of your purchase your training doesn’t address your learning and growth needs, we’ll reimburse you in full! No questions asked.

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Save 70%  $499

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