Answer These 10 Common Call Center Interview Questions Easily

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Answer These 10 Common Call Center Interview Questions Easily

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Top 10 Common Call Center Interview Questions and Answers

All call center interview questions are designed to find out just one thing – whether you would be a suitable candidate for the role of a customer service professional.

10 Common Asked Call Center Interview Questions and Answers

Due to the high attrition rate in the industry, it takes a certain type of personality and attitude to be successful working in a call center. That’s why you should answer the call center interview questions in a manner that shows the interviewer that you possess the requisite skills and attitude. 

Below are the most commonly asked questions, ranging from the general questions asked in most interviews to the more specific ones asked in the context of a call center:

General Questions

#1. Tell Me Something About Yourself?

Even though this is one of the most commonly asked call center interview questions, some candidates still fear it. The reason is that it’s very broad and open-ended. However, that’s where the opportunity lies for you to make an impression.

An easy way to answer this question is to talk about your current role, then move into how you got there and finally end with what brought you to apply for the current job. If you do not have prior experience, you can talk about your last educational qualifications and how they make you a good candidate for a call center. 

#2. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

While it is good to answer this question honestly, you must go about doing so tactfully. If you left the job due to neutral reasons like relocating or change in personal circumstances it’s ok to say it like it is.

If you left the job because of misalignment, it’s still ok to say it but without disparaging the company or any of your previous colleagues or bosses. Showing grace and professionalism in answering this question can go a long way in establishing you as a worthy candidate.

Call Center Specific Questions

#1. Why Do You Want to Work in A Call Center?

While answering this question, it is essential to communicate your love for helping and assisting people. After all, that’s what a job in a call center is all about. You may talk about your successes in handling customer interactions in your previous role if any. 

Call Center Interview Questions

Another, way to answer this question is to demonstrate your knowledge of the call center working environment and then state your preference for it. For example, “I would like the opportunity to work here because I like working with people in a capacity where I can help them, but I also thrive in a fast-paced environment”.

#2. According to You, What Are the Skills Required to Excel as A Call Center Employee?

This question is designed to gauge your knowledge about the realities of working in a call center. While most candidates will hone in on communication as the most important skillset, adding a mention of time-management and organizational skills will set you apart. 

It also shows your intuitive knowledge regarding the daily tasks involved in a call center job. You can also mention attributes like professionalism, politeness, and friendliness.

#3. How Would You Handle Angry Customers?

Since this is the most challenging aspect of the role that you are interviewing for, this question is natural. To prepare for your job interviews, we encourage you to read the following article to review effective strategies on how to deal with rude customers.

Mention that the first step is to remain calm and actively listen to the customer to understand the problem. The next step would be to reassure the customer that you are there to help him at all costs. 

Assessing whether the call should be transferred to another department can prevent unnecessary escalations. Also, it’s important to constantly assure the customer that help is at hand while resolving the problem. Offering a personalized apology can help in calming tempers too.

#4. What According to You Is the Best Part of Working in A Call Center?

There is only one good answer to this question. The best part of working in a call center is that you have the capacity to help people daily in some manner.

You can add that it’s important to you to be in a position where you feel like you’re making a difference to somebody and working in a call center allows you that opportunity.

#5. How Would You Tell A Customer Something They Will Not Like?

The key to answering this question is to show the interviewer your ability to manage difficult situations while keeping a cool head. The way to deal with such a scenario would be to maintain a polite but professional demeanor. 

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers

After delivering the unpleasant information you may have to listen to and apologize for the customer’s hurt sentiment while maintaining your stance. It would be important to follow up with any additional support and answer any other queries that the customer may have. 

#6. Why Do You Want to Work for Us?

Most companies want their employees to connect with, care about, or resonate with the relevant brand, product, or company values on some level. Further, good companies with robust employee training and support programs want to see why they should invest in you.

Therefore, to answer this question, it is important to have done some research on the company beforehand. Looking at the companies online about, values and mission page can provide helpful information. It’s then a matter of showing the interviewer how your ambitions align with the company’s values and its customer service philosophy. 

#7. How Would You Define Good Customer Service?

Tackling this question well is a great way to stand out in an interview. Read “Interview question: Define good client service” for tips on how to respond to it effectively.

Brief Summary:

Keeping the following points in mind will help you tackle all call center interview questions, whether general or specific:

  1. For answering the general questions, it is important to be genuine, confident, yet tactful and discerning. 
  2. While answering specific questions, it’s important to show that you like communicating and helping customers; and possess problem-solving and organizational skills.

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