Ace Interview Question: “Do You Want To Tell Us Anything Else About You?”

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Ace Interview Question: “Do You Want To Tell Us Anything Else About You?”

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How to Answer: “Do You Want To Tell Us Anything Else About You?”

“Do you want to tell us anything else about you?” This question is often asked at the end of an interview for a customer service position – and it’s one that makes many prospective interviewees a bit nervous. However, it should be seen as an opportunity to let you put your stamp on the interview and allow your personality to shine through.

Ace Interview Question “Do You Want To Tell Us Anything Else About You

This is the very reason why interviewers ask this question. By now, they will be fairly accurately informed about your skills, qualifications, and experience. This question is asked to put you on the spot. In essence, they are saying: “Convince us why we should employ you”, rather than Candidate X, “who has similar qualifications, skills, and experience.” 

However, the question can often also be asked at the beginning of the interview. Interviewers want to see how you handle a casual, off-the-cuff question, and what you regard as important to highlight about yourself. This is possibly an even better opportunity for you. It gives you the chance to really set the tone for the whole interview as you demonstrate your engaging personality, good communication skills, use of positive language, and clarity of thought. In short, this is an excellent chance to show them from the word go that you are the ideal candidate for the job!

Good customer service is at the heart of good business, and the person appointed to a customer service position needs an impressive array of skills. The question, “Do you want to tell us anything else about you?” is a golden opportunity for you to highlight and demonstrate that you have good speaking and communication skills, use positive and clear language, and are attentive to what has been asked.

How should you approach the question, “Do you want to tell us anything else about you?

Your answer to this question must give the interviewers an overview of yourself as a human being first and foremost, but also as a candidate for this customer service position. Your first sentence should tell them who you are professionally, and also let your personality shine through. It is very important that you prepare for this question so you don’t get flustered and nervous. 

tips for answering Do you want to tell us anything else about you

In essence, you must view your answer to this question as your ‘elevator pitch’ in which you highlight all the primary ‘selling points’ that make you the best candidate for the job. It has to be short, pithy, and focused on those factors that best equip you for a job in the company’s customer service department. Mention your ability to connect and empathize with people, work under pressure and defuse a fraught situation. 

Make sure you mention any relevant experience and special training you’ve had, and why you are drawn to this type of work. Point out that you are applying for this position because you are at a point in your life where you are looking for the new challenge that this position will offer you.

What do customer service employers want to hear when they ask this question? 

What they want from you are positivity, enthusiasm, and a mindset that shows a willingness to work hard and go the extra mile if needed. They also want to see that you will fit into the organization and work well with the team. So set out to do exactly that! 

customer service employers Do you want to tell us anything else about you

Highlight skills that might not have come up during the interview. Describe how you successfully prevented a big melt-down with a customer at work through being empathic, patient, and being able to talk to them in their own language. Dwell a bit on insights you developed through dealing with staff problems or technical issues. 

Mention courses you are taking to further develop your skills

Also, feel free to mention hobbies or interests, or dreams that you are passionate about – this speaks to you as a person. Say what you regard as your strengths and what you’re really good at, for example, your effective listening skills and retentive memory for detail. Above all, make it clear that you would love to work there and will give 100% when you do.

What not to say 

What you must not say is that you have nothing to say, hum and haw, or ramble on aimlessly and at length. Nor should you dwell on your weaknesses, or why you hated your previous – or worse – your current job. In short, avoid any negativity, politics, or strong personal beliefs. Do not divulge any personal details that may lead to discrimination and never ask bluntly whether you have got the job. 

Excellent answers to the question, “Do you want to tell us anything else about you?”

  1. I was delighted to hear that this job will involve customer service queries. I’ve always regarded helping people as one of my chief strengths because I am very patient and adaptable, have empathy with other people, and am good at steering a conversation towards a positive outcome. 
  2. I will certainly make use of the training courses you make available to staff members. I think they are a fantastic opportunity as I am always looking to improve my skills. 
  3. I regard your company as a leader in the field and it’s always been a dream of mine to work here. 
  4. In my current position, I was flung into the deep end when my customer service manager became very ill barely a month after I started. As a result, I had to take on a great deal of responsibility very quickly. I believe this honed my skills, like self-control, adaptability, attentiveness, and giving close attention to detail, which makes me uniquely qualified for this position.
  5. I also speak several languages, and this makes me good at dealing with customers from diverse backgrounds. I am also empathic and patient and like helping people.

More tips to help you ace this question:

  • Point out how your current job makes you an ideal candidate for the job you are applying for. 
  • Point out how your strengths, skills, and experience will help in the customer service job you are applying for. 
  • Make sure that your answer is concise, logically formatted, and easy to follow.
  • Try to project the relaxed and friendly persona of somebody who is at ease with themselves and other people. 

Remember that the way you answer this question may well be the factor that swings the decision in your favor!

Quick summary 

  • The question, “Do you want to tell us anything else about you?” is your chance to really sell yourself
  • Interviews ask this to test your initiative 
  • Be prepared so that you don’t ramble and waffle
  • Showcase your excellent language and communication skills
  • Highlight strengths and avoid talking about weaknesses

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