10 Best Customer Experience Management Software Solutions

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10 Best Customer Experience Management Software Solutions

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List of Top Customer Experience Management Software In 2021

Many businesses prioritize customer service at the beginning of the customer journey. They aim to win the customer over for a sale but fail to provide the same service throughout the customer’s journey from start to finish. This is where customer experience management software comes in. It helps you track customer interactions to exceed their expectations from start to finish. This can have a great impact on your profits.

10 Best Customer Experience Management Software

In this article, we look at the top-rated customer experience management (CXM) software to improve customer service.

What is Customer Experience Management?

Customer experience management is a way of tracking customer interactions with your business. It allows you to respond accordingly, ensuring customer queries are met in good time. Customer experience management aims to track customer experience through the entire purchase cycle as opposed to just the initial sales stage. This allows the business to keep the customer satisfied and engaged long-term. In turn, the customer will become a loyal customer and brand advocate.

Customers who have a good first impression but do not receive support later in their customer journey can easily turn to your competitors for better support.

Why Customer Experience Management is Important

Markets are very competitive with a wide range of options available to the public. Switching to a more convenient or cheaper brand is easy. Customer experience management is one way that your brand can boost its competitive edge. It helps to build ongoing positive relationships with customers. 

What is Customer Experience Management

Using customer experience management software simplifies this process for your business. It enhances the way you track customer interactions. Software tools also enhance efficiency and accuracy in successfully solving customer problems.

How to Choose Customer Experience Management Software

When selecting customer experience management software, consider the following 6 features:

  1. Usability

Make sure the software is easy to navigate. Are customer metrics easy to interpret? Consider the user support, tutorials, and training provided.

  1. Customer Profiles

Consider key features such as creating customer personas and tracking customer journeys. Does the program assist you in analyzing customer behavior, demographics, and lifestyles?

  1. Customer Journey Mapping

This involves determining the steps a customer takes throughout their customer journey. A car brand for example would track the customer’s initial car purchase. They would then track the client’s car services and repairs. Later in the customer journey, they will aim to optimize a car upgrade or trade-in.

  1. CXM Goals

Determine your goals in using the customer experience management software. Does it measure the metrics you need? Consider predictive analytics and customer self-service features.

  1. Integration

Can the customer experience management software integrate easily with other tools? These may include CRM software, helpdesk tools, and digital platforms.

  1. Value for Money

Compare the pricing relative to the features provided. Is the pricing inclusive of all the features mentioned or are there hidden expenses? It is also worth checking whether you can customize your package and how flexible the terms are.

5 Top-rated Customer Experience Management Software for 2021

  1. Zendesk

Purpose: Improving problem resolution and customer service response rate

Great for: Integrating multiple communication channels into one platform for a combined metric analysis

Key Features:

  • Users can view customer support ticket statistics and filter data as needed
  • Provides direct interaction between the company and its customers
  • Integrates various communication channels including mail, live chat, voice, and community forums
  • Integrates third-party business tools into one platform
  • Provides insight into customer experiences guiding decision-making on how to achieve improvements
Why Customer Experience Management is Important
  1. Acoustic

Purpose: Provides insights and reporting on sales, user behavior, and revenue

Great for: Customer and user behavior analytics

Key Features:

  • Acoustic uses data from user behavior analytics to offer insight into customer experiences
  • Personalizes each customer experience touchpoint by considering relevant data
  1. Adobe Experience Manager

Purpose: Managing assets, team members, and customer experiences from a single dashboard

Great for: Digital asset management

Key Features:

  • Integrates digital asset management and content management systems to track, analyze, and optimize customer experiences
  • Simplifies the distribution of content across various channels
  • Personalizes content to the customer’s device. This improves the customer’s experience with your brand.
  1. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 

Purpose: Performing trend analysis to optimize and personalize customer experiences

Great for: Personalizing customer experiences

Key Features:

  • Guided analytics, tests, and experiments
  • Customer journey optimization, personalization, and recommendations
  • Ability to track all customer interactions across touchpoints
  • Interprets data to enable decision-making on parts of the customer journey that need improvement
  1. Acquire

Purpose: Provides an integrated customer service helpdesk to improve problem resolution and response rate

Great for: Helpdesk features

Key Features:

  • Interact directly with customers
  • Manage all customer interactions in one place
  • Integrates all communication channels into a single timeline. These may include email, video chat, voice calls, social media, and text messages. This assists in omnichannel consistency.
  • Provides data analytics to enable decision-making for improving customer experience
  1. Satmetrix

Purpose: Determining Net Promoter Score (NPS), product satisfaction, and customer loyalty metrics 

Great for: Reporting and analytics

Key Features:

  • Uses direct and indirect customer feedback to collect data from call centers and other platforms.
  • Uses data analytics to create reports about customer personas, purchase behavior, customer journey mapping, and customer experiences at each touchpoint

Quick Summary

Customer experience management software simplifies the process of building ongoing positive customer relationships. It enhances efficiency and accuracy in successful problem solving and customer care.

When selecting customer experience management software, consider the following features:

  1. Usability
  2. Customer profile creation
  3. Customer journey mapping
  4. Data to achieve customer experience management goals
  5. Integration of other tools
  6. Value for money

Identify your customer experience goals and determine the metrics and means you need to achieve them. Then consider which customer experience management software tool will be the best suited to your company.

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