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Customer Service De-Escalation Training for Teams

Empower your frontline teams to transform even the toughest customer situations into positive customer service experiences.

  • Comprehensive, Online Training: Dive into 9 modules, with 75+ bite-sized video lectures, interactive quizzes, and hands-on exercises focusing on crucial skills for effective customer de-escalation.

  • Key Skills Taught: Conflict resolution, effective communication, empathy, problem-solving, active listening, self-care techniques, and more!

  • Organizational Benefits: Enhance team performance, improve customer satisfaction, and foster a resilient customer-centric culture within your organization.


Customer Service has the power To Make or Break your business

Customer Service De-Escalation Training at a Glance

Customer-facing employees often find themselves in high-pressure situations that require strong de-escalation and conflict management skills. Without proper training, your team may struggle to navigate difficult customer interactions, leading to unresolved issues, upset customers, and a high-stress work environment. 

That’s where our Customer De-escalation Training program comes in. Developed by industry expert, our program equips your team with a comprehensive approach to defuse tense situations, enhance customer satisfaction, and turn challenges into positive customer service experiences. 

Our program goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering a hands-on curriculum tailored for real-world applications. With an emphasis on the importance of self-care and building resilience, we energize and empower your team with the confidence and skills they need to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and positive customer service outcomes.

What's Included in Our Training?

Your Team Will Learn How to:

Follow Our Curriculum or Customize Based on Your Needs

  • Getting Started
  • Access Your Templates Library
  • Cultivating a Positive Attitude
  • Is the Customer Always Right?
  • Dealing With Challenging Customers
  • Why Customers Get Upset
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Download Lecture Notes
  • Preventing Potential Problems
  • Taking a Proactive Approach
  • Building Rapport with Customers
  • Acknowledging Your Customers’ Feelings
  • Using “I” vs. “We”
  • Replacing Trigger Words
  • Quiz
  • Showing Willingness to Help
  • Refocusing Attention on the Solution
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Assessing the Situation
  • Investigating Customer Complaints
  • Identifying Customer Needs
  • Demonstrating Empathy
  • Listening Before Diagnosing
  • Quiz
  • Asking the Right Type of Questions
  • Preventing Negative Emotions
  • Empowering the Customer
  • Following up with Customers
  • Offering Solutions
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Download Lecture Notes
  • Using Partnership Language
  • Restoring the Customer’s Confidence
  • Strategies for Written Communication
  • Getting Past Resistance
  • Understanding Customer Motivations
  • Tactful Ways to Deliver Bad News
  • Following up to Thank the Customer
  • When and How to Escalate Complaints
  • Best Practices for Escalating Complaints
  • Setting Appropriate Boundaries
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Download Lecture Notes
  • Learning from Challenges
  • Embracing Mistakes
  • Finding Opportunities to Improve
  • Preserving the Relationship
  • Turning Upset Customers Into Fans
  • Approaching Every Problem as an Opportunity
  • Using Websites to Collect Feedback
  • Using Emails for Customer Feedback
  • Using Social Media, Chat, and Apps for Feedback
  • Analyzing Results
  • Addressing Common Complaints 
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Download Lecture Notes
  • Self-Care: Back to the Basics
  • Dealing with Criticism and Negative Emotions
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment
  • Tips for Working Remotely
  • Nutrition to Combat Stress
  • Adopting Healthy Sleep Habits
  • The Importance of Taking Breaks
  • Building a Social Support System
  • Looking Inward to Improve
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Course Completion Instructions
  • Share Your Course Feedback

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Join thousands of satisfied learners who have already benefited from our customer service training to advance their careers and upgrade their skills.

Benefits of Customer Service De-Escalation Training for Your Team

Trust CustomersFirst Students and Alumni

Sebastian T.

Group 342 1

The course was very engaging, straight to the point and very practical. An excellent course for this topic. Thank you.

Gerda-Marie M.

Group 342 1

Thank you. The course was full of useful information with lots of great practical tips that are easy to apply. I trust that it will give me more confidence in dealing with difficult customers or even using it in my personal life.

Vitaliy C.

Group 342 1

Great course for anyone who interacts with customers. Highly recommended! Appreciate helpful resources and the downloadable pdf files to keep for references.

Liam J.

Group 342 1

Highly recommend! The instructor is knowledgeable and provides clear examples to help illustrate the concepts. I feel confident that I can apply what I learned in my everyday work.

Danique R.

Group 342 1

Thank you for this insightful course on common but often neglected issues in the business world. I really enjoyed this course as it was quite detailed. The shorter videos made it easier to complete the course quickly at least for me. I also loved the fact that you provided your slides, and so many insightful resources during the course, with quizzes to make sure that concepts are fully understood.

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The CustomersFirst Guarantee

If in the first 14 days of your purchase your training doesn’t address your learning and growth needs, we’ll reimburse you in full! No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions About CustomersFirst Team Training

Our courses are delivered entirely online through a secure learning management system (LMS). Users can access the content from any device at any time. Lessons include bite-sized video lectures, interactive quizzes, digital workbooks and interactive activities. You have full control over the schedule and pace you’d like your team to complete the training.

Our customer service de-escalation training for teams covers key customer service skills like empathic communication, active listening, problem-solving, resolving complaints, de-escalation, and so much more! To review the customer service de-escalation curriculum in full depth, please scroll up to see the “Curriculum” section to view the list of modules and lessons included.

Yes, our courses are fully responsive and can be accessed via any computer, tablet or smartphone. This allows maximum flexibility for users to learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

All reference materials, worksheets and case studies included in the lessons can be downloaded for offline use and mobile study. Video lectures must be viewed online.

Our dedicated support team is available via email during normal business hours. If you or your staff have any technical or administrative questions, our team is quick and happy to help!

Once an order is placed, we can have your team enrolled in 24 hours. Users simply need an internet connection and device to start learning right away. They’ll get a welcome email with login instructions and can access the learning materials right away!

Yes, our system allows administrators to easily track your team’s learning progress. This provides visibility into user course progress and who has completed training.

We continuously review and update our courses in response to changing customer needs and industry trends. You will receive access to course upgrades at no additional cost.

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