Customer Synonym: Alternative Ways to Refer to Customers

Customer Synonym: Alternative Ways to Refer to Customers

Customer Synonym: What Word Can I Use Instead Of Customer

If you work in customer service, you might be interested in learning a few customer synonym. Knowing a handful of customer synonyms can do a lot to improve your interactions and allow you to more accurately convey context.

Customer Synonym Alternative Ways to Refer to Customers

What Is a Customer Synonym?

A synonym is a word that shares a similar meaning; in this case, a customer synonym would be another way to refer to customers. Common Customer synonyms include Client, Guest, Patron, Clientele, Consumer, Purchaser, Shopper, Buyer, and Prospect.

How Do You Use Synonyms?

A synonym is used to replace another word, such as ‘customer’. Where you might say: “You are a valued customer”; you could also say: “You are a valued client.” That’s because ‘client’ is a synonym for ‘customer’. You could also say “You are a valued patron” or “You are a valued guest” to convey the same meaning.

Think of words as the building blocks of a sentence, when you use a synonym, you are swapping out one block for another one to avoid repetition.

9 Customer Synonyms You Can Use 

So, what are some good customer synonyms? Here are nine that you might be able to use in your work:

  1. Client
  2. Guest
  3. Patron
  4. Clientele
  5. Consumer
  6. Purchaser
  7. Shopper
  8. Buyer
  9. Prospect

The Do’s and Don’t of Using Customer Synonyms

As you might see from the list above, some synonyms are more accurate than others. When selecting a synonym, there are a few things you’ll want to consider to make sure it’s a good fit.

  1. Meaning – are you trying to convey a neutral or friendly tone?
  2. Audience – who are you speaking with, the customer or a co-worker?
  3. Context – are you referring to a specific customer or customers as a whole?

For example, when speaking with customers you are likely to be addressing someone personally, which calls for a synonym that is warm and specific. Referring to your customer as a valued client, guest, or even a patron of your business is polite and accurate. These synonyms make your customer feel respected and valued, which leads to an overall better customer experience.

What is another name for a potential customer

When interacting with other employees, you may need to refer to customers as a whole or in a more general business sense. Words like shoppers, clientele, consumers, or even audience may be appropriate. Don’t be afraid to be specific though, you can still use customer synonyms like client, guest, or patron when speaking in a business context.

As we’ve already touched on, some of these synonyms are accurate, but that doesn’t mean you want to use them when dealing with customers.

Consumer, Purchaser, and Buyer are accurate synonyms because they match the meaning of the word “customer,” but they are not polite or welcoming and shouldn’t be used in customer interactions. Customers might get the impression that you are more focused on sales than on their needs.

You also need to be mindful of the context. While “subscriber” may be an accurate synonym for a subscription business, it doesn’t make much sense in the context of a physical grocery store. 

What Do You Call a Recurring Customer?

Depending on your line of business, you might call them a regular, a member, a subscriber, or a long-term client.

Grocery stores have regulars. These are people who regularly shop at the same store, but the time of their visit and content of their purchases may vary. 

grocery store customer

Businesses, like gyms, may have recurring customers in the form of members who have signed a payment contract to access the facilities.

Companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Spotify, may describe their customers as subscribers.

What is another name for a potential customer?

There are synonyms to describe potential customers as well. In many business settings, you will find these customers called leads, prospects, or prospective clients. These terms are not limited to business interactions and are not used when speaking to the potential customer. 

Quick Summary

  • Customer synonyms can improve your interactions and expand your vocabulary
  • Synonyms must be selected with consideration for the situation.
  • Different businesses may use different customer synonyms.
  • A potential customer might also be called a lead or prospect.

Always use customer synonyms that are respectful and polite.

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