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Business Communication: Handling Difficult Customers

Become a pro at de-escalating conflicts and handling upset, angry, or challenging customers. Dive into 8 comprehensive modules and earn certification in just 4 hours to boost your skills and career!

  • Comprehensive, Online Training:  9 modules, featuring 75+ bite-sized video lectures, interactive quizzes, and hands-on exercises
  • Key Skills Taught: Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Developing Empathy, Problem-Solving, Active Listening, Self-Care Techniques, and more
  • Learn on Your Schedule: Lifetime, online access allows for flexible, self-paced study anytime, anywhere

difficult customers

CustomersFirst Customer Training at a Glance

As a customer-facing professional, you often encounter high-pressure situations requiring strong de-escalation and conflict management skills. Without proper training, navigating these challenging interactions can lead to unresolved issues, upset customers, and a stressful job.

Our comprehensive program equips you with the skills to defuse tense situations, enhance customer satisfaction, and transform challenges into positive customer service experiences.

Our training goes beyond theory, providing a hands-on curriculum tailored for real-world applications. We prioritize self-care and resilience,  empowering you with the confidence and skills needed to turn challenges into opportunities for personal and professional growth.

What's Included in Our Training?

Skills and Learning Objectives

Follow Our Step-by-Step Curriculum

  • Getting Started
  • Access Your Templates Library
  • Cultivating a Positive Attitude
  • Is the Customer Always Right?
  • Dealing With Challenging Customers
  • Why Customers Get Upset
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Download Lecture Notes
  • Preventing Potential Problems
  • Taking a Proactive Approach
  • Building Rapport with Customers
  • Acknowledging Your Customers’ Feelings
  • Using “I” vs. “We”
  • Replacing Trigger Words
  • Quiz
  • Showing Willingness to Help
  • Refocusing Attention on the Solution
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Assessing the Situation
  • Investigating Customer Complaints
  • Identifying Customer Needs
  • Demonstrating Empathy
  • Listening Before Diagnosing
  • Quiz
  • Asking the Right Type of Questions
  • Preventing Negative Emotions
  • Empowering the Customer
  • Following up with Customers
  • Offering Solutions
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Download Lecture Notes
  • Using Partnership Language
  • Restoring the Customer’s Confidence
  • Strategies for Written Communication
  • Getting Past Resistance
  • Understanding Customer Motivations
  • Tactful Ways to Deliver Bad News
  • Following up to Thank the Customer
  • When and How to Escalate Complaints
  • Best Practices for Escalating Complaints
  • Setting Appropriate Boundaries
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Download Lecture Notes
  • Learning from Challenges
  • Embracing Mistakes
  • Finding Opportunities to Improve
  • Preserving the Relationship
  • Turning Upset Customers Into Fans
  • Approaching Every Problem as an Opportunity
  • Using Websites to Collect Feedback
  • Using Emails for Customer Feedback
  • Using Social Media, Chat, and Apps for Feedback
  • Analyzing Results
  • Addressing Common Complaints 
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Download Lecture Notes
  • Self-Care: Back to the Basics
  • Dealing with Criticism and Negative Emotions
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment
  • Tips for Working Remotely
  • Nutrition to Combat Stress
  • Adopting Healthy Sleep Habits
  • The Importance of Taking Breaks
  • Building a Social Support System
  • Looking Inward to Improve
  • Quiz
  • Recommended Resources
  • Course Completion Instructions
  • Share Your Course Feedback

Instructor Bio

Viktoriya Kurganska is the Co-Founder and Lead Instructor at CustomersFirst Academy. Her passion for customer service education has impacted the lives of more than 40,000 professionals worldwide. Before diving into customer service education, Viktoriya gained recognition for leading an award-winning customer team at the world’s top online finance training institute, serving over 1 million customers. Prior to that, she held positions in student support and advising at notable universities and colleges in Canada, and worked as a consultant for e-learning startups.


Trusted by 41,000+ Professionals at Leading Organizations Worldwide

Join thousands of satisfied learners who have already benefited from our customer service training to advance their careers and upgrade their skills.

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Trust CustomersFirst Students and Alumni

Evan K.

Group 342 1

Really impressed with both the content coverage and the quality of the advice in this course. Viktoriya really knows what she’s talking about in customer service. If you’re running a customer service team or your job involves interfacing with customers, she presents a great set of tools for you to use. Highly recommended. I took a lot of notes during this course and I plan on re-watching it later down the line.

Grace S.

Group 342 1

Very informative with great examples and realistic scenarios on how to apply your learning, also the tips on how to manage yourself at work are really helpful and useful.

Irene A.

Group 342 1

I believe this course is very important , this is not only for people in the customer care industry but also people interested in growing their careers. I am really getting a lot of knowledge that i am going to apply in my current role at work.

Michael P.

Group 342 1
I really enjoyed the course and there was a great deal of information that aligned with my experiences in customer support over the past 30 years.

Sebastian T.

Group 342 1

The course was very engaging, straight to the point and very proctical. An exellent course for this topic. Thank you.

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The CustomersFirst Guarantee

If in the first 14 days of your purchase your training doesn’t address your learning and growth needs, we’ll reimburse you in full! No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely. Our courses are designed around real-world scenarios to build confidence in any customer interaction. Past students reported feeling better equipped to solve problems and exceed expectations after completing the program.

Our customer service certification program is open to all experience levels and professional backgrounds. Fundamental lessons introduce core skills, while advanced options allow growing professionals to refine their knowledge and abiliities. 

On average, the full customer service certification program (including all video lessons, quizzes and activities) takes approximately 4-5 hours total to complete at your own pace. However, you have lifetime access for flexible, self-guided study to fit your schedule as needed.

While the courses are self-paced, CustomersFirst Academy provides email support for general and technical inquiries to ensure you have a smooth learning experience.

All reference materials, worksheets and case studies included in the lessons can be downloaded for offline use and mobile study. Video lectures must be viewed online.

You will receive your digital Certification by email as soon as you complete all the required lessons, assignments, and knowledge assessments.

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our training programs. If for any reason you are unsatisfied and do not feel you’ve increased your skills, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee from the date of enrollment. Simply contact our support team to initiate a full refund. Please note refunds cannot be provided if the certificate has already been issued.

Enrolling is easy – just click on this link to sign up. After payment, you will receive a welcome email with your login credentials to immediately access your training online. You can then proceed at your own pace. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions as you get started!

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