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About Customer Service Fundamentals

Why Customer Service Education Is In Demand

Working directly with customers can be fulfilling for a variety of different reasons, including the skills you learn on the job and the difference you can make to someone else’s life.

If you are a customer-facing professional, service team leader, freelancer, or business owner, you already know the challenges and rewards of keeping your customers happy.

Nowadays, customers expect high-quality support and solutions at lightning speeds. Additionally, businesses are under pressure to deliver outstanding customer service experiences. 

The fact that both customers and companies expect more from their customer-facing professionals is the reason all customer-facing professionals need to have a solid foundation in customer service.

Course Overview

This course on Customer Service Fundamentals is designed to help you learn or review must-have skills and strategies that will help you succeed on the job and create positive experiences for your customers. 

Our customer service education covers core concepts that will act as the foundation on which you can build a successful customer service career or business.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll gain in-demand industry skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed on the job and impress your customers!

What You Will Learn

Customer Service Fundamentals covers key aspects of customer service such as its value to everyone involved, the importance of your customers’ expectations, and the factors that affect how they share their experiences.

The lectures focus on practical elements of delivering excellent service, such as building rapport with customers, using active listening skills, and managing customer expectations.

The course content will help you lay down the foundation for a long and prosperous career. The sooner you start and the more focused you are during the course, the faster you will start reaping the rewards of all your hard work. 


Get Certified & Boost Your Credentials

The course is broken up into easy-to-digest video lectures and includes real-world examples, interactive quizzes, and a final assessment that will help you master the practical aspects of delivering exceptional service.

Upon completion of the course requirements and final assessment, you’ll earn a certificate of achievement that will demonstrate your dedication to professional development and help you advance your career.

Taught by Industry Experts

Viktoriya Maya is the CEO of CustomersFirst Academy and Director of Marketing and Student Support at Corporate Finance Institute (CFI).

By serving close to a million customers and overseeing an award-winning customer service team at CFI, she gained hands-on experience and valuable skills that helped her grow her career to where it is today. She created this Customer Fundamentals course to share the skills and knowledge she learned to help you achieve your professional goals.

Course Curriculum:

  • Course Overview
  • Tips for Getting Started

In Section 2, we’ll focus on the value of customer service to the success of an organization, your customers, and your career success. We’ll look at the growing relevance of customer service in the modern-day based on recent trends and studies.

  • What role customer service plays in an organization
  • How customer service impacts operational efficiency
  • Customer service for better brand recognition
  • Importance of customer service for customer retention
  • Short-term and long-term impact of positive customer interactions
  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • The cost of providing poor customer service

In Section 3, you’ll dive into what it means to go the extra mile for your customers and exceed their expectations. You’ll look at a few real-world examples of companies that have prospered by focusing on delighting their customers and how they went about the entire process. You’ll also cover the various in-demand skills you need to develop to succeed as a customer-facing professional.

  • The importance of going above and beyond
  • Transforming customers into brand advocates
  • Increasing your professional value
  • A positive outlook leads to new opportunities
  • Good vs outstanding customer service
  • Speed and promptness
  • Personalization & personality
  • Surprise and quality
  • Examples of companies that go above and beyond
  • Empathy, clarity, and attentiveness
  • Time management, adaptability, and self-control
  • Persuasiveness and product knowledge

Section 4, you will learn about the customers’ thought process and analyze how they make decisions. You’ll explore how technology has changed customers’ expectations and which qualities they value the most when dealing with customer-facing professionals. Additionally, you’ll discover positive and negative real-world examples of companies whose customer service interactions went viral. 

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • More time and higher value purchases
  • Lowering customer acquisition costs
  • Why customers share their experiences
  • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Social media and online reviews
  • How technology affects communication
  • Ease of access
  • Correspondence speed and response time
  • Reach and penetration
  • Positive and negative stories that went viral

In section 5, you will learn effective techniques to build rapport with your customers by connecting with them on an emotional level. This will require you to make the right first impression by managing everything from your appearance to your body language and speech patterns

  • What customers want
  • Offering multiple platform options
  • Providing quick response time
  • Personalizing customer experiences
  • Value of first impressions
  • Understanding your customer’s needs
  • Controlling nonverbal cues
  • Developing customer confidence
  • Your appearance plays a role
  • The power of your voice
  • Facial expressions
  • Body language

In Section 6, you’ll master practical techniques and tricks that seasoned customer service professionals use to calm and please their customers. You’ll learn about how to approach your customers, how to incorporate mirroring techniques, and which language to use and to avoid in your communication.

  • What customers want
  • Mastering the art of purposeful smalltalk
  • Building trust through personalization
  • Language to use and avoid
  • Using upbeat words
  • Acknowledging your customer’s feelings
  • Showing gratitude
  • How to give suggestions
  • Matching verbal and nonverbal behavior
  • Mirroring and why it works
  • Mirroring preferences and body language
  • Distracting habits to avoid in communication
  • Interrupting the flow, multitasking, and fidgeting
  • Using filler words
  • Data dumping

Section 7 is all about listening to your customers. You’ll learn different elements of active listening and how to use it to not only understand your customers better but also make them feel valued and respected. You’ll discover how to ask effective questions, gather valuable information from customers, and become aware of how cultural differences can influence your interactions.

  • Distracting habits in communication
  • Key elements of active listening
  • Actively paying attention
  • Deferring judgment
  • Reflecting by mirroring
  • Clarifying important details
  • Asking probing questions 
  • Using “What” and “How” vs “Why”
  • Asking closed-ended and open-ended questions
  • Asking leading questions
  • Paraphrasing to summarize information
  • Sharing and responding
  • Overcoming communication barriers
  • External and internal distractions
  • Pre-existing beliefs
  • How cultural differences affect interactions


In Section 8, you’ll learn about managing your customers’ expectations, which will allow you to effectively address their issues and ensure amicable conclusions to your interactions.

  • How to set realistic customer expectations
  • Providing clear time estimates
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Why customers miss important information
  • Helping customers retain important details
  • Reviewing customer history
  • Using simple language and visuals
  • Avoiding scripts and being human
  • Dealing with unreasonable expectations
  • Providing alternative solutions
  • Using complaints as an opportunity to improve
  • Taking action on feedback

Congratulations on completing the course! In this section, you’ll find course completion instructions and a quick survey to share your feedback!

  • Course conclusion
  • Course completion instructions
  • Share your feedback!

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Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you enroll in the Customer Fundamentals Course, you will receive immediate access to ALL the video lectures, downloadable course materials, and interactive quizzes. When you pass the final assessment,  you will receive your digital Certificate of Achievement by email (at no extra charge!), which you can use to boost your resume and share with your professional network online. 

The course is open to customer-facing professionals of all industries and levels of experience. Our customer service education is easily accessible to all students worldwide and the techniques can be applied internationally, regardless of your location.

We recommend 5-7 hours to complete the video lectures, quizzes, and final assessment. CustomersFirst Academy classes are offered 100% online, allowing you the flexibility to set your own schedule and study at a time that’s most convenient for you. You can watch the video lectures, review the course content, and repeat the assessments as many times as needed!

Based on our students’ reviews, we are confident that our customer service education will help you upgrade your skills, gain more confidence interacting with customers, and equip you with the tools to grow your career. It’s benefited thousands of other customer-facing professionals, and will work for you!

In order to earn your course certificate, you need to complete all the video lectures, quizzes, and the final assessment (with an 80% passing grade.)  You can retake the assessment as many times as is required. Upon successfully completing the above course materials, you will be automatically emailed your certificate.

Enrollment is easy! You can register online to receive instant access to all of your course materials and get started right away!

If you have any questions, send us an email and our dedicated Student Support team and they’ll be happy to help!

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